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Best Choice Pest Control NYC is the largest company to provide the best service of pest control in New York, and places in most major cities in the U.S. The company also continually gets excellent opinions from users and all other companies who have gained the services and been satisfied by the services of our professional staff. With Best Choice Pest Control NYC, specialists and professionals are gaining admirations of their persistence, professionalism, reliability, and with highly effective treatments.

Additionally, the company has proven a persistence and commitments for advancement in pest control:
the company has hired professional and leading researchers to improve pest treatments, and it runs a state-of-the-art training service to its professionals in New York that makes sure to its specialists are trained to a professional standard.

Features & Services Provided


Best Choice Pest Control NYC provides a large number of pest control services. Among other unwanted pests, our company treats for:

Best Choice Pest Control NYC

Cockroaches Control

Best Choice Pest Control NYC

Rat & Mouse Control

Best Choice Pest Control NYC

Bed Bug Control

Best Choice Pest Control NYC

Ant Control

Our company provides a free assessment, consultation and provides a customized quotation for every homeowner. Our company provides a “Mosquito-Free Guarantee” for its service, meaning that the company will provide 100 % free re-treatments between planned visits as necessary if the client has an issue with biting bugs and pests. They also give you a one-month money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the service offered for any reason.

Technician Training

Best Choice Pest Control NYC takes their special education and training seriously, instructing that their employees go through intensive training in their first year. Technicians also practice their skills, a state-of-the-art training service which contains full-scale models of hotel rooms, full-sized houses, kitchens, pharmacies, and even locker rooms.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

The Best Choice Pest Control NYC has adopted Integrated Pest Management practices, and the company’s specialists are taught to identify the real causes of pest issues. Our company also uses focused treatments with the most secure available chemicals to be able to address pest issues with as little environmental impact as possible.

A constant trend in positive opinions that are beneficial came from customers satisfied with their specialists. Customers regularly recognized the technicians’ punctuality, courtesy, reliability, and professionalism, and many described that their specialists were always promptly, were incredibly experienced about pest control, and were pleased to share information and answer to questions.

One nice feature of Best Choice Pest Control NYC’s pest protection service is that our company quotes the best price for their service on their website. Some caveats apply: the quotation is only for people who enter into an agreement, and only for smaller properties. Simultaneously, it’s a useful place to start for that price comparison.

Our company does not require an annual agreement, but it does encourage customers to take on multi-month agreements for the bug year.

Most of the reviews that are beneficial of Best Choice Pest Control NYC stated the specialists were incredibly chronic in getting the job done well and were pleased to return if a person was disappointed. The specialists showed up to their every quarter treatments continually and worked hard to resolve the issues.

A few reviewers reported ever-insistent pest problems that are a typical complaint for all pest-control companies, but our company was able to get rid of unwanted pests quickly. One customer even stated that Best Choice Pest Control NYC was the only company that was able to fix an issue that had sustained for years.

The Costs in the pest and bugs control market vary greatly by geographic location, the type of attack, and the sizes of the issue, so it’s difficult to make a price comparison. There are, however, ways in which companies can help consumers shop around and keep prices down. Here is how Best Choice Pest Control NYC loads up:

Many companies give you a totally free initial examination, while we send our specialists on-site for the client dealing with harmful bed bugs, termites, Ants, mice, cockroach, flea, and do give you a free initial examination over the phone for all other pest and bugs issues.

One-Month Satisfaction Guarantee

While a telephone assessment and consultation is not necessarily good for calculating prices as an inspection, Best Choice Pest Control NYC does make a strong offer on the backend, with one of the strongest guarantees in the market. Their one-month satisfaction guarantee provides customers free recurring treatments and contains a commitment for pay another company to resolve the problem if necessary.

When it comes to their annual plan, Best Choice Pest Control NYC appears out for not demanding customers to sign up to receive treatment. They do recommend that you take the plan, but they can certainly make individual visits, and they will, if the client wishes, focus on removing an individual issue.

4-Hour Promise

Best Choice Pest Control NYC guarantees that their Mosquito, Bugs and Pest Defense will remove the pest and bugs population in your yard in 24 hours after our first plan.

Best Choice Pest Control NYC’s professionally qualified specialists use focused plan of their innovative pest control formula, using special equipment that directs treatment where bugs, mosquito or ants are most likely to the harbor.

Best Choice Pest Control NYC provides a re-treatment assurance for their pest protection service, which means they will be sending their specialists out if the consumer has an issue with biting Mosquitoes between the planned monthly treatments.

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